Monday, May 6, 2013

Problems Outlook With Printing A Partial Memo Style

At times, while working with Outlook, you might encounter partial memo printing problems. In such cases, you can fix those Outlook problems with partial memo by accessing the email printing options. Just read though the article to know the details of doing the same.

Printing options in Outlook
Users will have the option to print email, calendar, and contact details through Outlook in different styles. Options for formatting include background color, font, text size and layout. Within each of these categories, you will have additional options for formatting. Say for example, you can choose to take the printout of your calendar as a single calendar date, an entire month or a workweek. Some of these printing options can be customized from the print dialog box.

Memo style of Outlook
Memo style is the default printing style for Outlook. It prints your email message on an 8.5 inch-by-11inch paper and as the viewing options, it make use of the same font, formatting and layout. Click on the option that says “File” located at the top of the page for viewing all printing styles available to you. Select “Print” and look under the “Settings” area to view the style listings.

Customizing the print style
Outlook empowers its users with the ability to customize email print settings. You can create a new style if you do not like the standard memo-printing format. To do this, open the email message you take to take printout of, click on “File” from the main menu, select the option which says “Print”, and click on the option labeled “print option” for accessing the print settings for that particular email message. Select the option labeled “Define Styles”, and click on “Copy” for creating your desired printing style. Provide a description name. You need to type this in the “Style Name” text box that you can see at the top of the page.

Settings of partial memo
Change the margins to define the “Partial Memo” style to print. Go to the tab titled “Paper” located in the style dialog box for altering the bottom margin to your desired setting. Say for example, if you are looking forward to have the partial memo consume half of the page, enter the number as 6 into the “Bottom” text box. So, enter your desired margin space in the other respective text boxes (top, left, right, and bottom).

That is how you can handle Outlook problems with printing partial memo. For more information, contact the tech support team through online.

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