Thursday, November 22, 2012

Do you know how to delete a contact from your MSN?

MSN chat was introduced by the tech giant Microsoft as an online tool to increase the connectivity among users through text-based messaging services. In order to facilitate this application on your Windows machine you will have to download this software from the official website of Microsoft. You can also get access to Windows Live chat by logging into the MSN website using your internet browser without installing this software on your machine. At some point your chat might automatically update the contact list depending upon the mails that you send. This is because the chat service is connected to your Hotmail account too. At the same time, you may even lose contact with a few people too or the other person may have changed his or her email address. In this case, you may wonder how to remove the contacts from the contact list. Go through these instructions developed by Microsoft chat support team to delete a person from your MSN contact list.

Hit on the “Power” button on your CPU to power up your computer and wait with patience until Windows loads on your machine as per the configuration set by you. Once your Windows loads go to the internet browser and open it to get connected to the hosts of MSN to load up the Web Messenger.  Once the website loads up to enter your credential, type in the “Username” and “Password” to load up your Web messenger.
Go through your entire contact list and check if there are contacts that are not required anymore, this can also be done by searching with the username in the contacts list. In certain scenarios, users will opt for a profile picture change and that will make your search difficult. During such situations, flit around your mouse above the users in the contact list, which will prompt the corresponding email addresses of the persons added to your contact list.
Once you have selected a particular contact then go for a right click with your mouse and wait for a small menu to dropdown besides the cursor. This menu will be having a tab with the label "Delete Contact", click on it to remove that person from your contact list and hit on the “OK" button to save the changes made to your Windows live messenger contact list.
If you are having more contacts to delete from your list, then select those contacts and repeat the same steps.
Contact the Microsoft chat support team for more support.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to put Checkmark in a Box using Microsoft Word 2003?

Microsoft Word 2003 is a word processor from the house of Microsoft. This Word processor was a huge hit in the market during its time and conquered the minds of the end users and professionals. Microsoft tech support provided for Word 2003 was impeccable. However, it was very different and very similar to them considering the traits they had. Word 2003 retained the simplistic user interface from the previous versions and the tools and features were easy to use.
Microsoft Word 2003 has a feature for inserting symbols and form fields in the document. Symbols are different type of characters, like delta and registered signs, which you can insert in a document. Form field is another feature that is used for collecting data from a Word form or a text field, drop-down field or check box field. The option for typing directly into a symbol is not available in Microsoft Word 2003. In case you are having an existing box symbol in your document, it should be replaced with another one. Check box form field is an alternate method used to mark boxes.

1. Open MS Word 2003 in your PC.

How to Use Symbols
2. Place your cursor at the area in the document where you want the check mark in MS Word 2003.
3. Select the Insert option in Menu and Symbol from the drop menu. The Symbol dialog box opens when you do that.
4. Click on the Symbols tab in the window and choose Wingdings from the drop-down list under Font.
5. Now, scroll to the bottom of the symbols list using the scroll button on mouse or by clicking the scroll option at the side of the list.
6. Now Double-click on the image of the box with a check mark. This adds the check mark symbol to your page. Now close the page.

Using Forms
7. Place your pointer where check mark is needed.
8. Select View, Toolbars and Forms option from menu to display the Forms toolbar.
9. Click the Check Box Form Field button in the Forms toolbar above to insert an unchecked box in Word document.
10. Select the option Protect Form in the Forms toolbar above to protect the form in case you want it to be non-editable.
11. Click within the box to check it.
Many Microsoft Tech Support sites provide tutorials on using Microsoft Word 2003. In case you need  additional help, you can check these sites.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Spaced out from IT products Microsoft produces a wide range of other computer related products among which Microsoft mouse is the most enhanced in its kind. Microsoft releases mouse that can be connected and used with desktop and laptops. Whenever you are in need of fixing the errors encountered in the Microsoft mouse; it’s better to re-install the application to get a better experience. Doing this re-installation won’t affect other programs and in the mean time you will be able to access your computer with your keyboard. Follow these instructions crafted by Microsoft tech support team to make this process even better.
Get started by clicking on the “Start” button placed on the taskbar in your desktop. When you are done with the “Start” button; a menu will pop up which will have an option like “Control Panel”. Click on it to open that window.
Go for the “Programs and features” tab placed in the control panel window in Windows Vista and its preceding versions of operating systems. If you are using Windows XP then choose the “Add or Remove program” tab.
Check if there is an option like “Microsoft Intellipoint” and open it when you find it. This feature is only available for some of the Microsoft mice; you don’t have to uninstall it if you can’t find a name like this.
Hit on the “Uninstall/Change” tab with your mouse from the “Add or Remove program” page.
Go through the entire un-installation process by tracking the prompted details by the Windows installer.
When you are done with the un-installation process Windows installer will come up with a Window which will have an option to click like “X” printed red in color; click on it to get out of the process.
Cycle back to the “Start” button yet again and hang around until a menu creep up.
In the menu that popes up there will be an option to type in keyword into a search box; type in “devmgmt.msc” there and follow this by pressing the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
Now go to the “Device manager” in “Control panel” and click twice on the “Mouse and other pointing device”. Then launch the “Drivers” tab from “Properties” menu and uninstall the driver.
Now click on the “X” button followed by “Ok” to finalize the process.
Contact Microsoft tech support team if you need further help to remove Microsoft mouse.