Sunday, January 19, 2014

Xbox One Does Not Support Cross-Platform Voice Chat

Xbox One is the successor to the Xbox 360 game console. It is heard that for some technical reasons, which include the quality of sound, the Xbox One console will not be supporting voice chat between two systems. However, sending and receiving text messages will be possible between Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The large number of complaints in the Microsoft support forums shows that many of the users of the device are not satisfied with this inability of the device. There are many active threads of discussion in the support forums based on this news.

Microsoft Corporation is all over the place these days with the Xbox One info and most of the info just is not what we wish to hear. It seems that Microsoft is pushing all the Xbox 360 users to upgrade to the Xbox One, despite the previous remark of the company about remaining dedicated to the old Xbox 360 console for years to come.

Xbox One, The King OF Flip Flop

The reasons for the lack of compatible voice chat system from Xbox One is that it uses a new bandwidth CODEC that results in better quality of the transmitted voice for this next generation console. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft chat support team.

As a result of more complaints and observations from the users, Microsoft personnel Nelson said, “Again, this may change. I need to check.” This means that like the usual Microsoft fashion, the final decision is not yet taken and it is still in the air. With the Microsoft Corporation revising its public-check policy and then its latest decision to include self-publishing, this latest one is not surprising and it proves that anything is possible within the company.

If you are worried about being unable to chat with your friends who have the Xbox 360 device from your Xbox One console, you will have to keep your ears to the ground to get more information from TechRadar to know if it will be possible. You can keep your farewells handy- but do not expect the Microsoft Corporation to stick to their policies.

You can also contact the Microsoft chat support team to know more on the features and compatibility of the Xbox One gaming console. They will be able to provide you with more information on the features and drawbacks of the Xbox One console.

Monday, January 13, 2014

When Used With Exchange Server 2013 Outlook Suffers From A Junk Email Problem

The average Outlook user is familiar with many different Outlook problems. Of all these, the problem regarding the failure of the junk email filter could be the most annoying. These emails were not supposed to be stored in your Outlook Inbox. However, your inbox would be filled with such messages because of some of error.
This would make it difficult for you to go through the other important messages in the folder. You would have to manually go through each and every message and delete the ones that are spam or junk mail messages. In some cases, such messages would be so many in number as to make your task even more frustrating.

Dealing with the failure of the Junk Email Filter in Microsoft Outlook

Recently, such errors have been reported more with those users who are using the Exchange Server 2013 along with the Outlook mail client. The same is the case with Exchange Online service. Microsoft recently made an announcement that this failure of the junk email filters in the Exchange Server has to do with some changes they have made in the filtering system.
Obviously, Microsoft’s attempts to make the filtering system more efficient have backfired, and resulted in these Outlook problems. Microsoft will continue to tweak these filters until they have figured out the optimal level which takes care of all the spam and junk mail in your inbox.
Meanwhile, you have to take some measures to ensure that your Outlook Inbox is not flooded with spam messages. You need to use some of the Outlook settings to good effect to achieve this. For example, there is the Outlook Safe Senders list, which allows you to prepare a list of email addresses from which you would constantly receive many work-related emails.
By classifying these email addresses as safe, you make sure that the messages from them are directed towards the Outlook Inbox, rather than the Junk or Spam folder. Another option is to stop the faulty junk email filtering system. Such a filter that wrongly sends your important mails to the junk folder is better left disabled. This means you would have to manually go through all the messages. If you normally do not get that many spam messages, then this is good option.
Also, visit the official Microsoft Outlook support website to see if Microsoft has released a fix for this problem.