Thursday, October 30, 2014

Omni Tech Support: Mixing Quality With Affordability

Computers have become ubiquitous. You see it everywhere and it is used nearly for everything. With the ever increasing number of such electronic devices in the market and the ever growing importance of them, people have become more and more dependent on them. There are so many features, functions, facilities, tools, applications, for a variety of activities in human life.

The computer use will only increase, because people have already tied a lot of activities of their life with these devices. With this level of dependence, the problem comes when there are issues with the computer. If your system is on the fritz, then it can affect a lot of activities, which you are depending on the computer for. Especially, for businesses, there might be requirement for many computers and these computers may be running various businesses processes. Downtime can prove to be costly for the business and its productivity. This is why, huge businesses have an IT department to take care of the computer related issues as and when they occur. IT department prepares certain rules, which the staff needs to follow so that the computers are protected.

However, not all companies have the luxury of an IT department handling computer related issues. This is why it becomes necessary for them to avail the services of third part technical support services. The problem with such services is that most of them provide on-demand support. The IT solutions offered can be very costly. Some of these services, if they are cheap, may not be of the required amount of quality. So, in short, it is difficult to find support services that offer quality and affordability. OmniTech Support fraud warning would like to inform you that some such tech services could be pure scams. OmniTech Support fraud alert would like to warn users that there are many rip-offs and scams that users need to guard against.

Omni Tech Support services are awesome in every aspect. The best thing about the IT solutions offered is the high quality in it. With the first rate quality, users are given the IT solutions at affordable prices. OTS is one of the best IT solution providers in the market, at present. There are hundreds of certified and qualified tech support persons offering the customers support. Even the most complex issues are handled in no time.

Try it out yourselves. OTS is the best tech support service there is.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Note On Online Scammers And Fraudsters

Omni tech support engineers work to render support for customers who call for support in the toll free number. Omni tech services render support for the customers by establishing a remote connection with the customers' computers. This has proved to be the most convenient method to render technical services to the customers. They do not have to wait for a technician to come home at the scheduled time and they will not have to end up paying a huge amount for the service.

You must be aware of online scams that try to trick and harm you. There have been various complaints on support scams going around harming people by stealing their data and such. When you have an issue with the computer, irrespective of the time, you can call the toll free number to seek help. You will be directed to a technician, who would lead you on the call. You can express the issue that you face to the technician for which he or she might have few questions. If these questions are answered relevantly, it will be easier to start with the troubleshooting steps.

Depending on the complexity of the issue, the technician might want to connect your system through a secure remote connection. You will have to help the technician by following few simple instructions to establish remote connectivity. Once the connection is established, you will not have anything else to do but sit and watch as the technician works. The technicians would explain every step while troubleshooting. They do this to ensure that the customer is informed what is being done on his/her computer.

There are two subscriptions to choose from- one is a half-yearly subscription and the other is yearly. Either of these you choose, you get one issue resolved in a month for no charge and many other services on a regular basis. They fine tune the PC and see that it works properly always. They also initiate a scan every now and then to make sure that the computer is free of any viral infections.

There have been many positive reviews from happy customers. It is sad that there are negative reviews as well, which are solely because of online scams that are prevalent nowadays. People claim that they are from Omni tech support, gain the customer’s confidence and harm their computer. It is high time customers become aware of such support scams and take precaution while opting for support services.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Synchronizing Outlook With FolderShare

In case you use Microsoft Outlook in more than one computer, you will have to synchronize data in all those computers in order to work with the latest emails. However, this is something that cannot be done in Outlook with ease. Hence, you will have to look for third party software to synchronize data on all the computers. The good thing is that there are plenty of third party software to synchronize mails among several Outlook installations.

Out of the options available, you can easily synchronize mails with the help of a freeware software called Folder Share. This software, with the help of peer-to-peer connection, will accomplish the task of synchronizing folders and files. In addition, there is an option for testing OmniTech Support services available in this feature.

It is important to install the software on all the computers whose emails you would like to be synchronized. This software would prompt you during the installation if you have an existing account. In case you select No, it will automatically take you to the registration page.

The minimum computers that you would need to install Folder Share are two computers, which is obvious. The moment this software is installed in two of the computers, click on the button that says Sync My Folders in the main computer. Navigate to the location where you find Outlook.pst. This is present in the location C:\ Documents and Settings\ USERNAME\ Local Settings\ Application Data\ Microsoft\ Outlook, which is the default location.

Now create a folder for each of the computers that you are planning to sync and name it accordingly. Select the option Automatically Synchronize Data, which is the recommended setting. Folder Share is being purchased by Microsoft and has been integrated with Windows Live products. This means that the software, which was once standalone, is no more available to be downloaded separately.

As an alternative method at your disposal, instead of POP3, connect only Outlook accounts that support IMAP. This needs not be successful all the times because the process is completely dependent on the email provider. Regardless of the time or location of IMAP, any client or any version of Outlook can easily access emails. This is one of the important features that IMAP protocol has, which makes it better than POP3.

For emails that do not support IMAP, you still have an alternative to synchronize emails. You can utilize Dropbox or SkyDrive to serve the purpose of synchronizing emails. You will have to change the location of the PST file in Outlook, which helps all the versions of Outlook to load while booting. You also have the option for testing OmniTech Support services with this feature before subscribing for the same.

Monday, October 6, 2014

About Windows 8 Migration Kit

Though many are talking about upgrading to the latest Windows operating system versions, only a few have done it, while others are skeptical about changing. They are so comfortable with the old one that they just would do anything to have the old operating system running on their computer. However, many have started Windows 8 transfer, as they are concerned about working on a computer that is vulnerable.

The latest operating system is just not the same as it was before. Many, who purchased it months ago are finding it hard to figure out a way to work with the latest user interface seamlessly, which just does not seem to happen. With the very first look, you will notice that the settings, your personal data and other useful programs are missing in the latest one.

Users, who have already moved to the latest Windows operating systems, had to transfer all the personal information and other data from the old computer and then they had to install Windows 8 in their computer. This is indeed a tedious process and takes much of our valuable time.

Here is a Windows 8 migration kit for people planning to transfer to Windows 8, which is not only less time consuming, but also very easy. This method is easy as well, since the pack includes some of the award winning software such as O&O DiskImage. With the help of this program, you can create an image of the system before migration. This will make sure that a familiar IT environment will be at your service when you need it.

Those, who had the chance to use this migration kit, have felt this migration kit to be the ideal solution for all those planning to upgrade irrespective of the current operating system in use. Even if you are planning only to migrate the settings, programs and data to another computer that is brand new. This is also ideal, if you are planning to do a Windows 8 transfer.

This Windows 8 migration kit is more of a complete kit to do all that is necessary to make a move. This kit also helps you in migrating software and applications, which makes the task of transfer hassle free. O&O DiskImage, which can be referred to as the icing on the cake, makes it easier to make a move to the latest operating system.