Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to put Checkmark in a Box using Microsoft Word 2003?

Microsoft Word 2003 is a word processor from the house of Microsoft. This Word processor was a huge hit in the market during its time and conquered the minds of the end users and professionals. Microsoft tech support provided for Word 2003 was impeccable. However, it was very different and very similar to them considering the traits they had. Word 2003 retained the simplistic user interface from the previous versions and the tools and features were easy to use.
Microsoft Word 2003 has a feature for inserting symbols and form fields in the document. Symbols are different type of characters, like delta and registered signs, which you can insert in a document. Form field is another feature that is used for collecting data from a Word form or a text field, drop-down field or check box field. The option for typing directly into a symbol is not available in Microsoft Word 2003. In case you are having an existing box symbol in your document, it should be replaced with another one. Check box form field is an alternate method used to mark boxes.

1. Open MS Word 2003 in your PC.

How to Use Symbols
2. Place your cursor at the area in the document where you want the check mark in MS Word 2003.
3. Select the Insert option in Menu and Symbol from the drop menu. The Symbol dialog box opens when you do that.
4. Click on the Symbols tab in the window and choose Wingdings from the drop-down list under Font.
5. Now, scroll to the bottom of the symbols list using the scroll button on mouse or by clicking the scroll option at the side of the list.
6. Now Double-click on the image of the box with a check mark. This adds the check mark symbol to your page. Now close the page.

Using Forms
7. Place your pointer where check mark is needed.
8. Select View, Toolbars and Forms option from menu to display the Forms toolbar.
9. Click the Check Box Form Field button in the Forms toolbar above to insert an unchecked box in Word document.
10. Select the option Protect Form in the Forms toolbar above to protect the form in case you want it to be non-editable.
11. Click within the box to check it.
Many Microsoft Tech Support sites provide tutorials on using Microsoft Word 2003. In case you need  additional help, you can check these sites.

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