Monday, December 30, 2013

Windows Phone To Get Longer Support And 'Blue' Style Upgrade

Microsoft is a technological giant famous for its various computer related products and operating systems. However, they are slowly trying to capture the phone market with the release of Windows phones. In order to attain popularity among the customers, Microsoft just doubled the support for these Windows 8 phones from 18 months to 36 months. In addition to this, they are also trying to introduce an enterprise-oriented version called Feature Pack in Windows 8 phones within 2014.

Microsoft started the above attempt to boost their Windows phone sales. Tony Mestres, the leader of the channel marketing and leading partner, revealed in a blog post, “[These give] business customers the confidence to invest in Windows Phone today, with the knowledge that their investments are secure, and the platform is evolving to be an even better choice for business.”

However, according to Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Gartner, “This is like putting salt on the wound on BlackBerry. There is an opportunity there for Microsoft, both with BYOD [bring your own device] and IT, which is still deploying [company-owned] devices to employees.”

Here, Carolina Milanesi was referring to the fall of Blackberry and a dreary response for the BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Since most of the customers of Blackberry are business customers, Microsoft wanted Windows 8 phones to be a replacement for the falling Blackberry devices.

Features to be included 
Microsoft is about to release a special feature pack for Windows Phone in the year 2014 and it includes some enhanced features like auto-triggered CPN, app-aware and other management controls that will help experienced individuals to set app configurations based on blacklists and white-lists. In addition, it also gives the capability to lock a Windows Phone.

According to Miller, this new Windows phone upgrade is like the Windows 8 upgrade labeled as Windows 8.1. He referred to the upgrade pack as, “"It echoes a lot of the features in Windows 8.1, In Windows 8.1, so many of the new features are about enterprise enablement, and the reality is that Microsoft is trying to get to parity between the platforms.”

Thus, with the new features included, Microsoft is now on the verge to challenge other smartphone manufacturers Samsung and Apple. From the study conducted by the metrics company ComScore, Windows phones constitute nearly 3 percent of the total US smartphone share.

For additional info, refer to the Microsoft Phone support pages available over the internet.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Microsoft And Azul Systems To Join Hands On OpenJDK Build

Microsoft Open Technologies is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp that is dedicated to bridging the Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. Azul systems is the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability. They announced at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) that they are collaborating on a Windows distribution build of the community-driven Java implementation. This Java implementation is called as OpenJDK for Windows Server on the Windows Azure platform.

As a part of this partnership, Azul Systems will make, certify and distribute an OpenJDK based distribution that meets the Java SE specification for use with the Windows Server Environments on Azure. This new OPenJDK will be freely distributed and licensed under the GNU General Public License with the Classpath Exception. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft tech support phone number.

Sellers, who is the Azul Systems president and CEO, said, “This initiative is all about bringing Java to the masses in the cloud. We will be providing a fully open and unconstrained Java environment — with open choice of third-party stacks — for developers and essential applications deployed on Windows Azure."

Jean Paoli, who is the president of Microsoft Open tech said, “Microsoft Open Technologies and our Azul Systems partner are motivated by a common goal to make the world of mixed IT environments work better together for customers. This partnership will enable developers and IT professionals to ensure that their mission-critical apps deploy and run smoothly on Windows Azure, using the open source Java environment they prefer. With Azul Systems’ rich Java heritage and strong customer track record, partnering was a natural decision."

With the support of MS Open Tech and Azul Systems, the customers will get a high quality foundation for their Java implementation needs while taking advantages of the latest advancements in OpenJDK. Azul Systems is committed to maintaining and updating its OpenJDK based offering for the Windows Azure, supporting the current and later versions of both Windows Server and Java. The ways to deploy Java applications on the Windows Azure will be simplified further via the existing open source Microsoft Open Tech Windows Azure for Eclipse Plugin with Java.

It is reported that the new Azul Systems will be available at the end of this year. If you wish to know more on the new product or the Azul Systems and MS Open Tech partnership, you can contact the Microsoft tech support phone number. They will be able to provide you with more information.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Easiest Method To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From Firefox

Firefox is the popular web browser from Mozilla. The browser boasts of a fast and improved browsing experience. Surveys indicate that Firefox ranks second in the list of most popular web browsers for the Windows operating system. You can customize your Firefox browser to make surfing internet more productive and interesting. Various ways of customizing Firefox include installing add-ons and toolbars. Firefox offers a number of default toolbars in addition to the ability to host third party toolbars including the Yahoo toolbar.
Yahoo toolbar for Firefox includes useful apps and services such as Yahoo search, Bookmarks, Weather reports, Coupons, and many other useful services. Ironically, loading these apps from Yahoo toolbar might take too much time at times. The best option at such scenario is to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on. Here are the steps that you might find useful for this job.


If Yahoo toolbar is not working well on your Firefox web browser for one or the other reason, remove it instantly and look for alternative options. One of the major reasons for Yahoo toolbar problems in Firefox is the compatibility issues. You may uninstall the present Yahoo toolbar version and install the latest version of the toolbar from the Yahoo website. Alternatively, you can upgrade your Firefox to the latest version to make it compatible with the popular toolbars and add-ons out there.

  • Open your Firefox web browser. 
  • Navigate to Firefox>Add-ons>Extensions. 
  • In the Extension list, locate the extension associated with Yahoo toolbar. Look for the extensions that begin with Yahoo toolbar ___. (___ stands for the current of version number of the Yahoo toolbar installed in your browser. Note down the version details and verify whether Yahoo has released any latest version of the toolbar recently). 
  • After locating the extension associated with the Yahoo toolbar, highlight it. You will now find three options in the Extension window (Options, Disable and Remove) to proceed. 
  • If you want to remove the toolbar permanently from your browser, press the Remove button. Pressing the Disable button will only disable the toolbar. 
  • If Firefox prompts you to confirm the removal of the toolbar, press Yes to continue. 

I hope you were able to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on from your computer by following these instructions. If you have to remove any other extensions from the browser, use the same procedure. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Setup Windows Live Mail

Over the years, Outlook Express has gained much popularity and is well renowned for its usability. The different versions of the Outlook Express have gathered the much-deserved appreciation and have turned out to be highly successful. Now it is time for the Outlook Express to step aside for the new Windows Live mail and users to start using the new mail manager from Microsoft. It shares traits with the Outlook Express and is actually better and revolutionary than the Outlook Express. Working with the Windows Live mail can be easy but you need to setup the Windows Live mail first. Setting up of the Windows Live mail can be done by following the below provided guidelines.


  • For the Windows Live mail to work efficiently, the system should have the minimum requirements of 800MHz processor and 128 MB RAM. In addition, the operating system should be Windows XP service pack 2 or higher, a stable internet connection is required and web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox should be on board the system.
  • Download the Windows Live mail from the internet and it has to be installed in your system. The different prompts needed to be followed in order for the successful installation of Windows Live mail.
  • After the successful installation of the Windows Live mail on your system, the email accounts have to be setup. In order to perform this task, click on Add An Email Account. Details such as email address, password, name and other such information have to be entered.
  • The mail server settings, the POP3 or SMTP have to be known. The check box corresponding to Server Requires Authentication has to be check marked.
  • Complete the wizard and you are ready with your Windows Live mail.
  • Now you will be able to send and receive mails easily.

By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily setup the Windows Live mail and start working with it. If you have any doubts in following the guidelines or require any additional support, you may contact the Windows online support number. The qualified and professional technicians that can be reached via the Windows online support number will provide you with the easiest of help tips and support. You may also make use of our tech support feature for further assistance.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Are The Common Issues Experienced In Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook an email application that also stores the personal information of the users. This information is stored in specific files known as personal storage tables or .PST files. Outlook also comprises of many advanced features such as calendar, journals, task manager, etc, which enable the users to schedule their day and organize their important tasks and events. These services from Microsoft Outlook are used by many people across the world for business as well as personal purposes. Outlook tech support provides ample assistance in troubleshooting the Outlook issues and helping out with Outlook repair. These technicians are experts when it comes to fixing issues related to Outlook and work 24/7 to ensure that the problems of the users have been properly sorted out, so that they can get back to normal work. Being a user, you just need to call the Outlook technician, and you would get proper guidance in exchange for a nominal fee.

However, sometimes you might come across issues in Microsoft Outlook that you may find difficult to fix. Some of the common issues faced by the users are:

Outlook refuses to open or respond

  • Sometimes you may get issues where you get a message that Outlook is not responding. The reason for such an issue can be something like the occurrence of a corrupt file, a major issue with the hardware, lack of regular software updates, or memory that has been used up by the other applications on the computer like Microsoft Word and Excel.


  • Spammers cause Outlook issues, and many users have complained that unwanted spam mails from their friends and other people in the contact list constantly flood their inbox, making the mail almost impossible to sift through, and thus necessitating Outlook repair.
  • According to the Outlook tech support this could be their Outlook account malfunctioning.

Frequent crashing of Outlook

  • Sometimes while you do an important task in Outlook, you may get a message that Outlook has crashed. Such an issue could happen anytime like while composing an urgent mail, creating reminders, journals, etc.
  • One of the main reasons for the occurrence of such an issue could be the simultaneous installation of add-ins.

Data in Outlook Data File is not there

  • At times, you may have not created a backup of your important file, and suddenly you would realize that the data you have saved no more exists in Outlook.

However, in case of such issues, you do not have to worry as you can seek assistance from the Outlook tech support. For more information, check Microsoft’s official website.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Removing Babylon Toolbar From Your Browsers

Babylon toolbar is an on-screen application where the buttons work to redirect the customers to a different website. When a user downloads the Babylon toolbar, some malware creeps in meanwhile. These toolbars admittedly augment the browsing experience of the user. However, there’s also an annoying side to this, where the default home page in your browser gets reset. In such cases, removing the toolbar would be the ideal option. Microsoft tech support provides assistance with uninstalling the toolbar from the browsers.

Babylon is a set of dictionary and translation tools, which integrates with various Windows and web programs that help you to translate the scripts. This is because the Babylon toolbar overrides the system setting, and can prove difficult to remove; several security websites have described Babylon as a browser adware. Babylon toolbar would change the default search engine and homepage in your entire browser. The effects of this may slow your computer down. Hence, the Babylon toolbar should be removed.

If you are looking on how to remove Babylon toolbar, you can follow these instructions to uninstall it before seeking assistance from the technical support:
  • In the first step, go to the windows control panel and uninstall Babylon. Now, remove the toolbar through your browser‘s Add-ons or Extensions manager.
  • Now, go to the additional action to remove Babylon toolbar completely from your browser.
Uninstalling Toolbar From Chrome
  • You need to click the spanner icon and choose the Settings option. Now, go to the On start-up section, click the Set pages link next to open a specific page or set of page, and delete the Babylon entry from the list.
  • In the following step, go back on the setting page, click the Manage search engines option, set Google as default, and delete any suspicious entries.
  • You need to select the Show Home button option under Appearance and change the setting to your original homepage.
Uninstalling Toolbar from Firefox
  • In the first step, go to Tools, options, General to reset your homepage. Once you have reset your homepage, enter about:config into the address bar, click I’ll be careful, I promise and search for Babylon.
  • You need to right click any entries that appear in bold with user set as their value, followed by reset. You can also contact the Windows tech support to know about how to remove Babylon toolbar.
  • In the next step, repeat the process for the term keyword.URL, and click the down arrow in the Firefox search box. Now, choose the manage Search Engine option and remove Babylon Search from the list.
Hence, you can follow these instructions to remove the Babylon toolbar. For more information, check Microsoft’s official website.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shutting Down Windows Server 2012 Or Windows 8 Remotely

Windows server 2012 is the server edition of the Windows 8 operating system released by Microsoft and is the sixth version of the server operating system from Microsoft. The new server edition as opposed to its predecessors has no support for Itanium based processors. If you have Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 installed and you have worked with it, you might notice that it is difficult to work with the operating system when compared with other versions.

The major factor leading to all this confusion is the absence of the Start menu button in the Windows 8 operating system. Since there is no Start button, you will also be not able to find he Shut down option. Even if you press the ALT, CTRL and END buttons, you will not be able to find the usually found buttons for Sleep, Shutdown and Restart required to shutdown, sleep or restart Windows 8. The only option available now is to disconnect the computer.

Microsoft provides us with two options for shutting down a system running on Windows Server 2010 and Windows 8 using the remote desktop feature. The first method is by using the Command Prompt with the shut down command. Use the command Shutdown –s for shutting down the system and Shutdown –r for restarting the system that is running on Windows 8. You do have many other shutdown options other than the two options mentioned above. However, to restart Windows 8 server, the best option is to follow the one given above.

We illustrate one simple method for shutting down Windows Server 2012, commonly known as Windows 8 Server.

  • Move to the Desktop of the system and then click on the desktop background for making sure that you do not have any windows in focus. 
  • Now press the ALT key and the F4 function key present in the keyboard simultaneously. 
  • You will be shown a simple dialog box. Inside the dialog box, you will be able to see options like Disconnect, Sign Out, Shut down and Restart. Choose the required shut down menu option by clicking on it.

The ALT + F4 shortcut key was used by Windows users from Windows XP or before itself for closing the window in focus. If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to shut down or restart Windows server 2012 easily. If you are not able to accomplish the above instructions, contact the Windows support team.