Monday, June 3, 2013

How To Write In MLA Format In Microsoft Works

Have you ever been asked to prepare your paper in the MLA format? This means you are asked to format the page in a specific way. This is a specific format, followed by writers in certain disciplines. Mostly this type of writing format is used in academic papers. Usually these word processors come with default settings for margin, line height, paragraph spacing, and typeface. As per your requirement you can adjust these settings. Microsoft support is available for those who have doubts on this. Read on to know how you can format a paper in MLA style in Microsoft Works.


Launch Microsoft Works application.
First you need to set the margin size to 1” for your paper. Click File > Page Setup. Enter the value “1” into the boxes for top, bottom, left and right margins.
You need the font "Times New Roman" in MLA format. So go to the font tab at the top and click the down arrow next to the font name. From the drop down list, select "Times New Roman" and select font size "12 pt".
In MLA format, usually double-spacing is used. To set this, click on "Format” option and then click "Paragraph” . Click on the "Spacing" tab and then select "Double Line" under spacing option. 
Next step is to add your last name and page number. For this, click the “View” option and click on "Header and Footer" option to open the header box. To add your last name, type your name into the text box. To add page numbers, click on “Insert” button and select “Page Numbers”.
Now go to File > Page Setup and select "Other Options". Click on "No Header on First Page" box.
There is a certain format in entering your name and other information. You need to type your name on the first line of the document. Press Enter and then type your instructor’s name on the second line. Press Enter again and type your class information. Like this, type the date on the next line. Now this needs to be aligned to the left side of the document. To do this, highlight these data by selecting all the four lines and click on "Left Justify" button. 
The final step is to add your essay title. Type the title of your document on the fifth line. This needs to be centered. For this, select the title and click the "Center" button. 

You have successfully formatted your document in MLA style. You may visit the Microsoft support to know more about MLA formatting.