Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To Hide Windows Security Alert Notifications

Computer users need to keep vigil on safety and security issues of their system because the cyber world is vulnerable to many security threats. In this aspect, Windows operating systems prove to be very user-friendly and effective to protect your computer from the dangers of possible security havoc as Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista are providing a Windows Security Center or Windows Action Center facility. This component allows users to view and manage the computer’s security settings and services. It will continually monitor these security settings and inform the user through popup notifications.

Normally, you will install an alternative computer protection tool and will disable the Security Center or some of its options. You are able to see a security alert icon over the system tray next to the clock. Windows action center consists of three major components, a Control panel, a Windows service and an application-programming interface. The Control Panel is responsible for the popup notification and security alert icon. However, if you are having a strong antivirus support in your system, you can turn off and hide these alerts. The following Windows support guidelines will help you to do this.

Turning off security alerts in Windows 7

  • First, you need to open the Start menu. Then click on the Control Panel and on the System and Security link. 
  • Now you should click the Action Center and choose the Change Action Center Settings option on the left side of the window. 
  • Then you have to uncheck the boxes next to the Windows security alerts which you want to disable. Then click on the OK button. 

How to disable security alerts in Vista

  • You should open the Start menu. Then choose the Control Panel, click on the Security and Security Center
  • Then you have to select the Change the way Security Center alerts me option in the left section of the Windows Security Center window. 
  • Now you should choose the option in the Do you want to be notified of security issues? window, which corresponds to the level of alerts that you want to disable. 

It is certainly necessary that you should ensure ample security tools in your computer to have a safe and protected working environment. You can have excellent tech help in this aspect from the Windows support pages available online.

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