Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Enable Flexible Working Using Microsoft Cloud Technology

Shulmans, the award winning commercial law firm is engaged in offering a broad array of services to people and businesses in the UK and in the other parts of the globe. To provide remarkable customer service is among the most essential elements of what they offer; they are a class apart from other firms and as such, a significant business is promoted by means of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.

Armed with around 1120 staff personnel, the IT infrastructure is the staple of the service delivery and is essential for making sure that people have the capacity to work flexibly from any given location. Over the past few years, there has been a rising proportion of the growth pouring in from international business, bringing in its wake, the added complication of having to work in varying time zones yet having to access information and data at any given point of time.

Base 13, Microsoft’s partner has been enlisted for carrying out an entire technology refresh. To be equipped with cutting edge, cloud based technology environment is making use of the newest versions of Microsoft products, which includes Office 365. Office 365 promises innumerable benefits for their business - more advanced tools for users, which support mobile, not to mention, flexible working, reduced management requirement, guaranteed availability, and immense security of the Microsoft help line service. The licensing that is offered is also straightforward.

The experience and knowledge, which Base 13 is equipped with, will also prove invaluable in helping a person to migrate quickly to Office 365. The breadth of advanced functionality in Office together with the extra applications like Lync, which is included in the suite of applications are overwhelming. Ever since it was installed, it has been able to fit into the day-to-day operations and allows Office 365 to be used on smart phones as well as in tablets.

Many options are offered in order to quicken and sufficiently simplify the daily tasks. Lync is likely to be launched which shall get automatically integrated with the dictation software. This is just one of the ways in which it proves helpful to the people to do their jobs efficiently.

Not much time is needed for the system to manage and the IT team no longer need to spoon- feed the servers. This allows you to save around 20% of management time on a weekly basis. Being user-friendly, the staff could easily help the clients as required.

You may contact the Microsoft help line for more information about how the Microsoft Cloud services would help your business.

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