Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Synchronizing Outlook With FolderShare

In case you use Microsoft Outlook in more than one computer, you will have to synchronize data in all those computers in order to work with the latest emails. However, this is something that cannot be done in Outlook with ease. Hence, you will have to look for third party software to synchronize data on all the computers. The good thing is that there are plenty of third party software to synchronize mails among several Outlook installations.

Out of the options available, you can easily synchronize mails with the help of a freeware software called Folder Share. This software, with the help of peer-to-peer connection, will accomplish the task of synchronizing folders and files. In addition, there is an option for testing OmniTech Support services available in this feature.

It is important to install the software on all the computers whose emails you would like to be synchronized. This software would prompt you during the installation if you have an existing account. In case you select No, it will automatically take you to the registration page.

The minimum computers that you would need to install Folder Share are two computers, which is obvious. The moment this software is installed in two of the computers, click on the button that says Sync My Folders in the main computer. Navigate to the location where you find Outlook.pst. This is present in the location C:\ Documents and Settings\ USERNAME\ Local Settings\ Application Data\ Microsoft\ Outlook, which is the default location.

Now create a folder for each of the computers that you are planning to sync and name it accordingly. Select the option Automatically Synchronize Data, which is the recommended setting. Folder Share is being purchased by Microsoft and has been integrated with Windows Live products. This means that the software, which was once standalone, is no more available to be downloaded separately.

As an alternative method at your disposal, instead of POP3, connect only Outlook accounts that support IMAP. This needs not be successful all the times because the process is completely dependent on the email provider. Regardless of the time or location of IMAP, any client or any version of Outlook can easily access emails. This is one of the important features that IMAP protocol has, which makes it better than POP3.

For emails that do not support IMAP, you still have an alternative to synchronize emails. You can utilize Dropbox or SkyDrive to serve the purpose of synchronizing emails. You will have to change the location of the PST file in Outlook, which helps all the versions of Outlook to load while booting. You also have the option for testing OmniTech Support services with this feature before subscribing for the same.

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