Thursday, November 1, 2012


Spaced out from IT products Microsoft produces a wide range of other computer related products among which Microsoft mouse is the most enhanced in its kind. Microsoft releases mouse that can be connected and used with desktop and laptops. Whenever you are in need of fixing the errors encountered in the Microsoft mouse; it’s better to re-install the application to get a better experience. Doing this re-installation won’t affect other programs and in the mean time you will be able to access your computer with your keyboard. Follow these instructions crafted by Microsoft tech support team to make this process even better.
Get started by clicking on the “Start” button placed on the taskbar in your desktop. When you are done with the “Start” button; a menu will pop up which will have an option like “Control Panel”. Click on it to open that window.
Go for the “Programs and features” tab placed in the control panel window in Windows Vista and its preceding versions of operating systems. If you are using Windows XP then choose the “Add or Remove program” tab.
Check if there is an option like “Microsoft Intellipoint” and open it when you find it. This feature is only available for some of the Microsoft mice; you don’t have to uninstall it if you can’t find a name like this.
Hit on the “Uninstall/Change” tab with your mouse from the “Add or Remove program” page.
Go through the entire un-installation process by tracking the prompted details by the Windows installer.
When you are done with the un-installation process Windows installer will come up with a Window which will have an option to click like “X” printed red in color; click on it to get out of the process.
Cycle back to the “Start” button yet again and hang around until a menu creep up.
In the menu that popes up there will be an option to type in keyword into a search box; type in “devmgmt.msc” there and follow this by pressing the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
Now go to the “Device manager” in “Control panel” and click twice on the “Mouse and other pointing device”. Then launch the “Drivers” tab from “Properties” menu and uninstall the driver.
Now click on the “X” button followed by “Ok” to finalize the process.
Contact Microsoft tech support team if you need further help to remove Microsoft mouse.

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