Thursday, November 22, 2012

Do you know how to delete a contact from your MSN?

MSN chat was introduced by the tech giant Microsoft as an online tool to increase the connectivity among users through text-based messaging services. In order to facilitate this application on your Windows machine you will have to download this software from the official website of Microsoft. You can also get access to Windows Live chat by logging into the MSN website using your internet browser without installing this software on your machine. At some point your chat might automatically update the contact list depending upon the mails that you send. This is because the chat service is connected to your Hotmail account too. At the same time, you may even lose contact with a few people too or the other person may have changed his or her email address. In this case, you may wonder how to remove the contacts from the contact list. Go through these instructions developed by Microsoft chat support team to delete a person from your MSN contact list.

Hit on the “Power” button on your CPU to power up your computer and wait with patience until Windows loads on your machine as per the configuration set by you. Once your Windows loads go to the internet browser and open it to get connected to the hosts of MSN to load up the Web Messenger.  Once the website loads up to enter your credential, type in the “Username” and “Password” to load up your Web messenger.
Go through your entire contact list and check if there are contacts that are not required anymore, this can also be done by searching with the username in the contacts list. In certain scenarios, users will opt for a profile picture change and that will make your search difficult. During such situations, flit around your mouse above the users in the contact list, which will prompt the corresponding email addresses of the persons added to your contact list.
Once you have selected a particular contact then go for a right click with your mouse and wait for a small menu to dropdown besides the cursor. This menu will be having a tab with the label "Delete Contact", click on it to remove that person from your contact list and hit on the “OK" button to save the changes made to your Windows live messenger contact list.
If you are having more contacts to delete from your list, then select those contacts and repeat the same steps.
Contact the Microsoft chat support team for more support.

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