Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Xbox One To Get Technical Support For More Than 10 Years

Those who have planning to get the latest Xbox One gaming consoles have an important announcement from Microsoft. They will be providing technical support for the gaming console for a duration of 10 years. This is great news for gamers who have bought the new Xbox One, as it will not become obsolete for the next 10 years. The device will also not become defunct due to lack of spares or services.

In his keynote address at Xbox one Eurogamer Expo 2013, Phil Harrison from Microsoft said the company intends to provide technical support for their latest gaming console for more than 10 years. The latest generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft also has a 32GB of top level bandwidth embedded ESRAM, and is supported by 8GB of RAM, which is a powerful combination. It also offers fuss support to HD Video in 1080p as well as the latest Ultra HD 4k Video standard. The Xbox One gaming console is scheduled to hit the shelves before the holiday season, but needs some basic requisites without which users will not be able to use the enhanced features of Xbox One. Xbox One must have a 720p or higher HDMI compatible TV to run smoothly.

The Xbox Live gaming consoles online portal will also need a good broadband internet connection. Moreover, users are also required to possess a Microsoft account, as well as an account on Xbox Live in an Xbox Live country or region. Those willing to shell out a whopping $500 for the Xbox One gaming consoles come November can expect the console to work smoothly without glitches for its entire duration.

The new Xbox One will have Skype taking over the chat interface in Xbox Live, which will also be applicable to Xbox 360 gaming consoles. However Xbox 360 users need not worry about this transition. Regular software updates will become mandatory for continuing the use of Xbox One. The Kinect sensor will also need updates and an ISP fees to apply. Original Kinect sensors, part of Xbox 360, will not function on Xbox One. Obo One system software will also require a lot of storage space, while users will get only limited space. Any issues can be taken up with Microsoft tech support. The Microsoft tech support team is well equipped to handle problems on Xbox One. In any case, gamers are sure to enjoy the holiday season, with Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 all coming out.

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