Monday, July 28, 2014

Steps To Change DPI Scaling In Windows Vista

If you are not comfortable with the font size in your Windows Vista computer, you can change the DPI settings in the operating system. This will help you to increase or decrease the font size of the icons and thereby choose the best fitting DPI scales for your vision. You might have all changed the fonts in a Microsoft Word program. Changing the DPI scaling is a similar act and it will help you to change the screen fonts according to your needs.

According to Windows Vista help center, you will receive a small print if you are using a high-resolution monitor, with optimum screen resolution. One of the techniques to receive prints with big text size is to reduce the screen resolution. However, when you do this, the print can look messy. In such situations, adjusting the DPI scaling is ideal since it will maintain the clarity of the screen and help you to fit the things according to your wish.

Now, if you have a flat panel monitor, you may not find the changes to be worthy. This is because it would already be set to the best possible settings and any variations to it may not be pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid changing the DPI scaling in such monitors. In case of other monitors, you may follow the below mentioned steps to change the DPI settings.

Steps Involved
  • The first step is to launch two applications, preferably the ones you use daily. For instance, launch Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel programs.
  • Go to the desktop window and right click it. From the different options in the menu, choose Personalize. This will open the window for Vista Personalization.
  • From the left pane of the window, choose the option Adjust Font Size. Once you choose this link, a window might pop up for User Account Control. Select the option Continue in this window. 
  • With the above step, you will be directed to the DPI scaling window.
  • Select the option, which states Larger Scale (120DPI). Select the button OK. This will ask you to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Select Restart.
  • Once the computer is back on the desktop window, launch the programs again. You will find that the programs now have larger font.
We hope that the above steps have helped you to increase the DPI scaling in Windows Vista. For further assistance, you may contact Windows Vista help center, or our technical support team right here.

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