Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fixing Email Deletion Problems In Outlook

Outlook can put you through many different problems during use. This is abundantly clear from the heavily populated Outlook help forums you find scattered on the internet. One of the major headaches is with deleting the email completely from the system. But then you need to remember that this is only possible if you remove the particular message from both the computer and the server.

Outlook deals with two broad types of email account: the ones using the IMAP protocol, and those using POP. Either is a set of rules that the application follows to gather information from the server and feed into Outlook. Under both, there are optional settings which allow for a message to remain elsewhere when you hit Delete. Following are some of the reasons why your email can’t be gotten rid of.

IMAP Backs up deleted files

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol can sometimes cause problems which keep the email messages from being fully deleted. An IMAP account stores your info on the server and download a copy each time you want to access it in Outlook. When you delete it after that, Outlook simply removes it from the inbox and puts it in another folder.

POP retains email on the server
Post Office Protocol, or POP has a default setting configured which keeps deleted emails on the server, so you won’t be rid of these completely. To achieve that, you’d have to access the advanced settings in the email program, and disable the Leave a copy of messages on the server option.

If you’re using an IMAP account and it happens that the internet gets cut for some reason, the server might not get the command to delete its copy of the specific message. This means that you’d have to use the Purge button and remove it manually; otherwise you’d still find it the next time you launched Outlook and it synced with the server.

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