Monday, November 24, 2014

What To Do When Microsoft Outlook Does Not Send Email

Outlook is extremely useful software that finds application for all individuals who have to deal with a large hoard of emails. For this reason, this application can be found in most workplaces as a tool to send and receive official communication. The different productivity applications that Outlook features will give users the ability to perform routine tasks that are necessary in an organization.

However, problems arise when Outlook support does not work the way it should. At times, Outlook may refuse to open at all, stating some random error, or Outlook may refuse to send emails despite your best efforts. Testing OmniTech support can be done easily by contacting them with the trouble with your Outlook software. Here’s what you have to do in such situations.

Determine if your internet connection is enabled

Instead of cursing the software, first check if the internet connection is still enabled and your system is online. This will help isolate the issue by limiting further troubleshooting to the program alone. If you are offline and the internet connection is the issue, you will have to look into ways of troubleshooting the problem.

Check If Email Settings Are Right

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and click on the Tools menu from the main window. Click on Account Settings menu to open up the Account Settings window. 
  • Click on the Email account which refuses to work and then click on the option Change. This will bring up the Internet E-Mail Settings window. From inside the window, check and verify if all the information available is correct. 
  • Retype your username and password just to check if the email user account can be accessed by the program. 
  • Click on Test Account Settings in order to check if the settings are correct and Outlook can access your email server. 
Check Your Antivirus Settings
  • Open your antivirus program and then click on the Preferences tab. Look for changes in settings that cause all incoming and outgoing emails to be blocked. 
  • The simplest way to test if the Antivirus program is blocking Outlook support is by disabling the Antivirus program and then trying to send an email. This way, you can know for sure the Antivirus program is the culprit. 
  • Enable your antivirus program again and make the necessary changes to enable the client again. 
If you make all of the following changes, the Outlook email client is bound to work again. This is an excellent opportunity for testing OmniTech support if these procedures cannot get Outlook working.

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