Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Restore Lost MSN Messenger passwords?

Windows Live messenger previously known as MSN messenger is a free instant messaging client developed by the Microsoft Company which is compatible with almost all versions of windows operating systems. The application first hit the market in the year 1999 as MSN messenger. Apart from the basic emailing function, MSN allows users to send instant messages and search applications.
There are situations where you may lose or forget your MSN account password, or unable to view the stored password of your account that contain some important files and messages. In this article I wish to discuss the instructions provided by the Windows Online Support team to restore a stored MSN Password after creating a new account.
Turn on your windows computer system and launch your web browser.
Now go to the MSN/ Windows Live website and then navigate to reset your password page.
Now select I forget my password option followed by clicking the reset password button.
Now input your MSN/Windows Live ID and the prompted security phrase. When done, trigger the Next button.
Now trigger the option labeled Email me a security link or Security Question. Once you choose the email option then Microsoft emails you a link by using which you can reset your lost MSN password. Microsoft sends this email to the email address you provided at the time of account registration. An alternative for this is to choose the Security Question option. Then you were prompted to answer the question configured during the registration of your account.
Once you finish answering, input a new password in the password field and confirm by reentering it.
When done, trigger the reset password option to reset the stored password with the newly created one.
Now launch MSN Messenger application on your system again and then try login to your account providing your MSN/Windows Live ID and the password you just created in the login window followed by clicking the sign in button.
If you find nothing wrong and trouble free, continue using MSN messenger to manage your messages and information. Sometimes you may not able to access your account by providing new password then it’s better to contact the Windows Online Support team for further assistance. Thank you!

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