Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guidelines To Retrieve The Activation Key Of Microsoft Product

Microsoft has a reputation of producing one of finest software products in the industry. The performance and quality of Microsoft products made it one of the most demanding software companies in the world. Users are ordered to enter the product activation key to successfully install products from Microsoft. This is also required to properly utilize all the features of the software. This is to make sure that you use genuine Microsoft products and not imitations. You can, however, install and use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word and Power point without providing the product activation key. However, that being said, you will be restricted to use certain important features in these applications. For example, while using the word application, you will not be able to make high-end edits and alignments if the key is not provided. There are chances that you may lose the key or misplace it. In this case, it is possible to recover the activation key. For this, you need to contact Microsoft support phone number. Let us see how this is done.
Guidelines to contact Microsoft for help
• To begin with, you need to initiate the activation wizard for the application you wish to install. This is normally displayed when you begin to install a new application or software.
• You can manually activate the Windows Vista or 7 operating system by visiting the Start menu. This is located at bottom left corner of the desktop.
• Click on it to open a list of options. From the new list, locate the My Computer option. Now right click on this option to display a list of new options. Select the option labeled Properties from this list.
• The Properties window is displayed immediately. This page features an option to activate Windows operating system. If you are using the Windows XP operating system, you need to navigate to the Start menu from the list of options, you need to select the All Programs option.
• Now click on the option labeled Accessories and select the System Tools option. This page features option to activate the Windows OS.
• You can either activate the operating system with telephone or directly enter the product key. In this case, you need to select the option labeled Activate by Telephone.
• Enter the Microsoft support phone number on the box given to place a call to the support center of Microsoft.
Hope this information was useful. Find more of this kind from Windows tech forums on the web, and contact the tech support team online if those don’t help.

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