Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Help To Find Out The Version Of Outlook Express

Now a large number of system users, particularly business individuals depend on Microsoft’s free email program Outlook Express, for managing their company emails.
This article includes the Outlook Express Help guidelines for finding the version of Outlook Express you have installed on your system.

Within Outlook Express Program

• First you need to launch the Outlook Express program on the Windows computer. For this, access the Windows Start menu by hitting the Start tab located at the lower left area of the desktop screen.
• From the popped-up Windows Start menu, choose the Programs option to view the list of software programs installed on the computer.
• Go through the listed applications and locate the Outlook Express folder in it. When done, click on it to launch the Outlook Express program on the desktop computer.
• Now from the program’s quick access menu bar, select the option marked Help. This will pop up  a new help menu and you have to choose the option labeled About Microsoft Outlook Express. This displays a new window that carries the entire information about the Outlook Express program. Note down the version of Outlook Express that you are using in a piece of paper and keep it in a safe location, so that you can easily reach it later.

Through the System Files

• Bring up the Windows start menu by hitting the Start button in the Windows taskbar.
• Then you need to select the Search option from the Start menu.
• Click on the option labeled Files or Folders to launch the Search window.
• Now input msimn.exe into the filename box. When done, click on the Search tab.
• Now highlight the msimn.exe file in the Results window by simply placing your mouse pointer on it.
• Right-click the msimn.exe file and from the context menu, choose the Properties option.
• Click on the Version tab in the Properties dialogue box that appears on the screen.
• Click File Version option to view the version of Outlook Express program that you have installed on the Windows system.

These are the steps to be followed to find the version of the Outlook Express application that you have installed on your Windows system.  To learn more details about the Outlook Express functions and features, go through the FAQs given on the Outlook Express Help website.

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