Sunday, August 10, 2014

Connecting To Remote Assistance In Windows 7

If your machine started showing some problems, which you are not able to fix on your own, you can use the remote assistance feature in Windows 7. This feature allows you to grant administrator privileges to another person who is physically in a far away location. The person whom you grant remote assistance will be able to control your computer and do the necessary troubleshooting steps through his computer. Well, given below are some instructions given by the Windows live chat support team to use the remote assistance feature in Windows 7.

  • Start the process of enabling the remote assistance feature by clicking the button labeled Start, then Control Panel, then System and Security, then System and finally Remote Settings. Make sure that the Remote tab of the System Properties is shown on your screen.
  • Now, you need to check mark the box that is labeled Allow Remote Assistance Connections to This Computer followed by clicking the button called Ok. Now the System Properties dialog box will be closed on your computer.
  • Next, open the option called Windows Help and Support. After that, click the button called Ask followed by clicking the link called Windows Remote Assistance. Now you need to click the link called Invite Someone You Trust to Help from the window that appears.
  • Now, you need to select Use your e-mail to invite somebody to help you from the page that is shown on your screen.
Now you will be given two options in the default email invitation produced by the Windows Remote Assistance. The two options are,
  • In order to create a file that you can attach to an email message, click the link called Send This Invitation as a File.
  • However, if you need to send the invitation as an email in a standard e-mail application like Microsoft Outlook, you need to click the link named Use E-mail to Send an Invitation.
You can choose whether you want the recipient to know the password or not. It will not be added with the email unless you specifically do so.
  • Note the password provided in the window called Windows Remote Assistance. In the Windows XP computer, using a password is only optional whereas in Windows 7, it is compulsory and the password needs to be at least six characters long. 
  • In order to control the session, use the tools that are seen in the Remote Assistance window when an incoming connection is made. 
  • Click the Close button when you are done. This is done in order to close the Windows Remote Assistance window. If the window asks for any password, enter it and confirm the action. 
These instructions from the Windows live chat support team will help you to connect to Remote Assistance feature in Windows 7.

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