Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kinect 2.0 Exclusivity No More In Xbox One

One of the main features of the Xbox gaming console from Microsoft is that it was accompanied with the Kinect controller. However, the camera device was controversially criticized, as NSA Spybox was no longer exclusive for the gaming console, as the company is planning to release it to Windows platform. According to the news we get from Windows support team, the Kinect 2.0 developer kit will be released in the market for $199.99. The device will be made available in the market from July 2015.

If you check history, Microsoft has been doing this for a while; they first introduced the Kinect controller for Xbox 360 as an exclusive accessory and later included Windows support for the device. However, that was done only after two years of exclusivity and about 18 million individual SKU sales. However the case here is different, it is hardly a year since the Kinect 2 controller was released with the Xbox One gaming console. This can be due to the widespread acceptance of the device by Windows users. It is a known fact that Windows PC rules in the gaming industry, so there is nothing wrong in releasing the device for Windows platform in a sales point of view.

With the introduction of Kinect controller for PC, you will be able to access and control all the features of the TV right from your PC. The exclusivity that Xbox One users used to boast about is now no longer available for them. You may feel sad for those gamers who purchase the console just for the sake of controlling the TV using gestures and voice as all that can be now done from the PC by connecting it to the TV.

Since the company is releasing the developer version of the controller in the market for PC users, they will be able to make games that are specifically intended for Kinect users. With the advantages of a powerful processor and the ability to remodel on an as and when required basis, PC gaming industry is growing day by day. One must admit that Microsoft has its eyes in the PC gaming section due to this factor. With the controller now available separately in market, the Xbox users now have the choice to get a console without the controller.

While a majority agree that they would buy Xbox One without Kinect 2, some still say that they prefer the complete bundle.

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