Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Set Up Your Email Account In Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an email application that is usually integrated with the Internet Explorer. It was earlier known as Windows Mail, and then it came to be known as Windows Live Mail. Many users think Outlook Express is a version of Microsoft Outlook. However, both are entirely different applications developed by Microsoft, and comprise of different features. Outlook Express stores the information in Windows Address Books, whereas the Microsoft Outlook stores the contact information in Outlook Address Books. The Outlook Express help team provides ample assistance with fixing all the issues related to Outlook on your system.

You can follow the below-mentioned instructions to set up email in Outlook Express.

  • In the first step, click on the Start button and then open the Outlook Express application. Now, you can click on Tools on the toolbar, followed by Accounts in the drop-down menu.
  • Once you select the option, select Add, followed by Mail. Here, you would be asked to enter a name. For example, your name or your company name. Now, select the Next option.
  • In the following step, add your email address, for example, and click Next. You would be able to see a screen asking you to confirm your incoming and outgoing email servers. Always make sure that you select your incoming email server as POP3.
  • Now, in the appropriate fields, enter the information as follows:
          Incoming mail server (POP3) i.e.
          Outgoing mail server (SMTP) i.e.
  • Fill the Account name field with your account username. Fill the Password field with the password that you had selected during signup. You can also contact Outlook Express help to get more information on setting up email in Outlook Express.
  • In the next step, click on Next and you would be directed to the Mail Logon Screen. Here, enter your username and password. Your username should be all lowercase letters, as well as case sensitive.
  • Make sure this information is correct, because if it’s wrong you would not be able to get to your email. Ensure that the Secure Password Authentication is not be ticked. Click Next.

You would now see the congratulations screen will now appear. Click on Finish to complete setup.
Therefore, these steps would help you to set up your email account in Outlook Express. However, to get more information on Outlook Express, check Microsoft’s official website.

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