Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How To Sync Outlook With A Google Account

Google's new online suite of programs was expected to give much more than the traditional Office Suite, but it offers almost the same. Calendar, Word processing and of course, Email capability are the features that we are talking about.

One of the amazing facilities it gives the user is that you are not required to have a web browser in order to use some features. You can sync your Google account and G-mail with your Outlook and use it as comfortably as ever. Once you link all of them, then the synchronization happens automatically. I bet you wonder how! Given below are the steps that will help you accomplish the same.

Google Apps Sync

You can download Google Apps and sync it with Outlook if you happen to have a Google Apps account as a member of a business or an educational institution. Once logged in to Google Apps, you can download the Google App Sync Software from "Resources". Run the Google App Sync after the installation and Login to the Google App account with your Id and password. The software will transfer your entire calendar and mail detail to the Outlook account. Now, to sync all your data from Gmail, including the Inbox to Outlook, Click Continue To Outlook.

Authorize Gmail

Even if you do not use the Google Apps account, you can still sync your Google account with Outlook. However, in this case you need to do the synchronization process manually. First of all, you need to enable Gmail for POP/IMAP, which are the Protocols used by Outlook. Enable IMAP after you login to your Gmail account and this allows you to sync with several service providers at the same time.

Configure Outlook Email Setup

Once you enable the POP/IMAP on your Outlook email setup, your Gmail account will be able to sync with Outlook. Open Outlook and select Add Accounts or Email Accounts option, which you can find in the Tools menu. Here, you can also select your Display name. As you select this, your Outlook will be configured for your email.

Advanced Settings

In order to sync all the emails and calendars from Gmail with your Outlook account, Outlook requires server specific information. On setting up the new account, enter the given information in the respective cells.

Incoming Mail: Enter port 993 and “imap.gmail.com.”

Requires SSL? : Choose “Yes”

Outgoing Mail: port 465 or 587 and enter “smtp.gmail.com”

Requires SSL? : Choose “Yes”

Requires Authentication: Choose “Yes” When you are done with the rest of the prompts, your Outlook account would have been synchronized with the Gmail account.

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