Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shutting Down Windows Server 2012 Or Windows 8 Remotely

Windows server 2012 is the server edition of the Windows 8 operating system released by Microsoft and is the sixth version of the server operating system from Microsoft. The new server edition as opposed to its predecessors has no support for Itanium based processors. If you have Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 installed and you have worked with it, you might notice that it is difficult to work with the operating system when compared with other versions.

The major factor leading to all this confusion is the absence of the Start menu button in the Windows 8 operating system. Since there is no Start button, you will also be not able to find he Shut down option. Even if you press the ALT, CTRL and END buttons, you will not be able to find the usually found buttons for Sleep, Shutdown and Restart required to shutdown, sleep or restart Windows 8. The only option available now is to disconnect the computer.

Microsoft provides us with two options for shutting down a system running on Windows Server 2010 and Windows 8 using the remote desktop feature. The first method is by using the Command Prompt with the shut down command. Use the command Shutdown –s for shutting down the system and Shutdown –r for restarting the system that is running on Windows 8. You do have many other shutdown options other than the two options mentioned above. However, to restart Windows 8 server, the best option is to follow the one given above.

We illustrate one simple method for shutting down Windows Server 2012, commonly known as Windows 8 Server.

  • Move to the Desktop of the system and then click on the desktop background for making sure that you do not have any windows in focus. 
  • Now press the ALT key and the F4 function key present in the keyboard simultaneously. 
  • You will be shown a simple dialog box. Inside the dialog box, you will be able to see options like Disconnect, Sign Out, Shut down and Restart. Choose the required shut down menu option by clicking on it.

The ALT + F4 shortcut key was used by Windows users from Windows XP or before itself for closing the window in focus. If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to shut down or restart Windows server 2012 easily. If you are not able to accomplish the above instructions, contact the Windows support team.

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