Sunday, December 29, 2013

Microsoft And Azul Systems To Join Hands On OpenJDK Build

Microsoft Open Technologies is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp that is dedicated to bridging the Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. Azul systems is the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability. They announced at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) that they are collaborating on a Windows distribution build of the community-driven Java implementation. This Java implementation is called as OpenJDK for Windows Server on the Windows Azure platform.

As a part of this partnership, Azul Systems will make, certify and distribute an OpenJDK based distribution that meets the Java SE specification for use with the Windows Server Environments on Azure. This new OPenJDK will be freely distributed and licensed under the GNU General Public License with the Classpath Exception. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft tech support phone number.

Sellers, who is the Azul Systems president and CEO, said, “This initiative is all about bringing Java to the masses in the cloud. We will be providing a fully open and unconstrained Java environment — with open choice of third-party stacks — for developers and essential applications deployed on Windows Azure."

Jean Paoli, who is the president of Microsoft Open tech said, “Microsoft Open Technologies and our Azul Systems partner are motivated by a common goal to make the world of mixed IT environments work better together for customers. This partnership will enable developers and IT professionals to ensure that their mission-critical apps deploy and run smoothly on Windows Azure, using the open source Java environment they prefer. With Azul Systems’ rich Java heritage and strong customer track record, partnering was a natural decision."

With the support of MS Open Tech and Azul Systems, the customers will get a high quality foundation for their Java implementation needs while taking advantages of the latest advancements in OpenJDK. Azul Systems is committed to maintaining and updating its OpenJDK based offering for the Windows Azure, supporting the current and later versions of both Windows Server and Java. The ways to deploy Java applications on the Windows Azure will be simplified further via the existing open source Microsoft Open Tech Windows Azure for Eclipse Plugin with Java.

It is reported that the new Azul Systems will be available at the end of this year. If you wish to know more on the new product or the Azul Systems and MS Open Tech partnership, you can contact the Microsoft tech support phone number. They will be able to provide you with more information.

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