Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Easiest Method To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From Firefox

Firefox is the popular web browser from Mozilla. The browser boasts of a fast and improved browsing experience. Surveys indicate that Firefox ranks second in the list of most popular web browsers for the Windows operating system. You can customize your Firefox browser to make surfing internet more productive and interesting. Various ways of customizing Firefox include installing add-ons and toolbars. Firefox offers a number of default toolbars in addition to the ability to host third party toolbars including the Yahoo toolbar.
Yahoo toolbar for Firefox includes useful apps and services such as Yahoo search, Bookmarks, Weather reports, Coupons, and many other useful services. Ironically, loading these apps from Yahoo toolbar might take too much time at times. The best option at such scenario is to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on. Here are the steps that you might find useful for this job.


If Yahoo toolbar is not working well on your Firefox web browser for one or the other reason, remove it instantly and look for alternative options. One of the major reasons for Yahoo toolbar problems in Firefox is the compatibility issues. You may uninstall the present Yahoo toolbar version and install the latest version of the toolbar from the Yahoo website. Alternatively, you can upgrade your Firefox to the latest version to make it compatible with the popular toolbars and add-ons out there.

  • Open your Firefox web browser. 
  • Navigate to Firefox>Add-ons>Extensions. 
  • In the Extension list, locate the extension associated with Yahoo toolbar. Look for the extensions that begin with Yahoo toolbar ___. (___ stands for the current of version number of the Yahoo toolbar installed in your browser. Note down the version details and verify whether Yahoo has released any latest version of the toolbar recently). 
  • After locating the extension associated with the Yahoo toolbar, highlight it. You will now find three options in the Extension window (Options, Disable and Remove) to proceed. 
  • If you want to remove the toolbar permanently from your browser, press the Remove button. Pressing the Disable button will only disable the toolbar. 
  • If Firefox prompts you to confirm the removal of the toolbar, press Yes to continue. 

I hope you were able to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on from your computer by following these instructions. If you have to remove any other extensions from the browser, use the same procedure. 

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